Our story

Once upon a time (in early 2017), a tech-fwd and people-fwd marriage occurred. Bazinga Technologies acquired a small property management company that was interested in being bold in a sea of same-old.

Who, us?

While it wasn't a traditional marriage, it was a natural union. Two companies, each on a quest to disrupt the strata world. The difference? One was looking to do this with technology, while the other was using a traditional service-delivery model. They decided to embark on a lifelong journey together to create a people-forward strata management service powered by technology.

Whoa, Bazinga!

Community mgmt with heart

Tribe's approach is simple. We love what we do and we're here for our clients. We are about service and using technology to make life easier. Our collaborative team approach means that clients don't have just one point of contact - they have a team of community managers, community coordinators, accountants and more. Not only that, we also use cutting-edge software that makes it easy for residents, council and managers to communicate with each other and look after client buildings. 

Communication is the cornerstone of any lasting relationship.

Tribe Values

Tribe Management Team Photo 2019-min.jpg

It takes a Tribe 

We take a collaborative, people-fwd approach to managing properties. With Tribe, you don’t have just one point of contact—you have a team of community coordinators, community/strata managers, accountants, and more. Our team dynamic is designed to ensure a rapid and effective response. 

But it's not just about us - by empowering communities with access to smart and intuitive technology, alongside our experienced team of strata experts we’re creating vibrant communities. It takes a Tribe to successfully manage a community. We love our team MO. 

TRIBE definition (informal): A large family or group that someone belongs to.       A company, group, or number of persons. 


We've got chops 

We believe in experience and passion. Our foundation is rooted in tradition, trust and professionalism, while our vision provides a new way of doing things. 

Tribe’s people are experts in the areas of property management, strata-living and community engagement. Together, our team represents more than 300 years of industry experience with one vision of changing urban living forever. 


365 days of gratitude 

At Tribe, we don't take things for granted.  

We are grateful for our clients - for being given the opportunity to help build their communities and care for one of their most valuable possessions.  

We are grateful for each other and for the collaborative and supportive environment we work in. 

We love our Tribe. 


Relentlessly untying the knots 

We are here for you every step of the way. Our industry requires keenly creative problem-solvers, and that is exactly who we are. We persevere and provide support during the most challenging of times.  

We are in it for the long-haul. 


We're not just setting the bar, we're taking it with us. 

We've been there, and we believe there is a better way. We are devoted to crafting each strata into a high-performing community, and leading our industry to greatness. We understand that excellence and improvement are a continuous journey. The future is with us. 



We are innovative in our actions and vision. We use technology to propel us forward, improving access, experience, efficiency and education for councils and residents. We believe this innovative, tech-fwd approach is essential to building a successful community. 

Tribe is powered by bazinga!, a leading software platform for connecting residents and supporting the management of your community.  


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