Tribe takes your legacy as a Developer seriously.

We are uniquely positioned to help enhance and protect the value of your property with our extensive experience with large scale developments. We’ve got a complete suite of software and services (property management + deficiency management), along with experienced community managers who will make sure your building is in good hands.



We are here every step of the way.

We offer a suite of products and services designed to work with you at any stage in your project. From pre-construction, through deficiency management, to completion and beyond, Tribe is here for your building when you need us.


Financial management

We have established systems and procedures to ensure that you understand the financial position of your Strata Corporation and maintain control of your cash flow and financial assets.

We aim to build positive long-term relationships with owners, strata councils and residents. This means transparency in all our dealings with strata stakeholders by ensuring easy access to information about their property.

Information management

Community management

Strata Management is largely about increasing ‘social capital’. We work to build active healthy communities; fostering that trust among owners to achieve their common lifestyle goals.

Our tools

Deficiency management tools


Track and manage deficiencies for your project:

  • Capture and summarize issues.

  • Manage all inspections electronically.

  • Initiate work flows.

  • Generate real-time reports.

Community Platform

Tribe powered by Bazinga community platform

Bazinga! is a private social network for local communities. It helps residents connect and communicate online about issues that matter to them. 

Residents can report issues, ask questions, get updates, review and book amenities anytime.



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