Tribe Announces New Role to Oversee Transition of Clients

June 14, 2018 – In an exciting move that reflects growth and development, Tribe Management has created the new role of Transition Coordinator to support our Tribe Team. Our Transition Coordinator, Preston Tong, will play an integral role in supporting the top-notch level of customer care that Tribe has become known for in the industry.

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As Transition Coordinator, Preston is responsible for overseeing the entire onboarding process when a building is welcomed to the Tribe family. He also coordinates the transition of existing clients if a new process or system is introduced.

"Preston is essentially an orchestrator; it is his role as Transition Coordinator to make sure that everyone is playing their part efficiently and effectively, and working as one team," explains Fiona Therrien, VP Management Services. "By dedicating a person to this role, we are emphasizing the importance that we put on service and ensuring the transition for our clients is as smooth as possible."

Meet Preston

Preston Tong has been a part of our Tribe Team since 2017. Joining us as a Community Coordinator, he has proven himself to be invaluable through the level of support he has provided to our Community [Strata] Managers, his keen interest in bettering every aspect of the service we provide, and his insatiable curiosity and never-ending supply of out-of-the-box ideas.  Preston truly is one of a kind.

"This is a new role for us at Tribe and I know that Preston is up to the challenge," says Fiona Therrien, VP Management Services at Tribe. "Preston manages every detail with an exceptional level of ownership."

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