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Looking for specific Condo or Conveyancing documents for your Property? Here you’ll find pre-authorized payment forms, Owner forms and more for each region.

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To order conveyance forms or other conveyancing documents such as a Form B, Form F, etc., you can do this easily through the online portal at EStrataHub (BC) or our Document Centre for the rest of provinces.

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You can order documents for this community using eStrataHub.

Note Regarding Form B Orders

When ordering a Form B, please indicate in the special instructions box if there are any accompanying documents you do not need, as Owners can freely download them through their Tribe Home account.

As a reminder, Section 59(4) of the Strata Property Act states that, if available, the following documents must accompany the Form B: Rules, Budget, Depreciation Report, and Insurance Summary. If no special instructions are received, we are happy to attach these documents, however they are subject to a $0.25 per page fee which is in addition to the form cost.

You can order documents for this community using our document centre.

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Do you need to sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), update your owner or tenant information or register your pet? You can find these and other forms you below!

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